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Pregraduate, Postgraduate and Continuous Education

Pregraduate training

    The Society takes part in the coordination of clinical pharmacology teaching in the pregraduate curriculum of medical and pharmacy students set up by the Swiss Universities.
   A group of members of the Society are devoted to the edition of a textbook to assist pregraduate teaching in this discipline : « Grundlagen der Arzneimitteltherapie / Bases de la Thérapeutique Médicamenteuse » is published both in German and French by Documed Inc. (last edition 2005).

Postraduate training - Specialisation

    The Society has the responsibility of setting up the postgraduate training in clinical pharmacology and toxicology for MDs willing to specialise in this discipline, in accordance with the principles set up by the Swiss Medical Association (Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum, FMH). This Website shows the official Training Programme in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology in its most recent version, as it has been approved by the Commission for Postgraduate Training at the FMH. The Society also maintains a list of approved training centres (hospital divisions, specialised clinics and research centres), which is given in the Appendix of the Program. It has the duty of organising the certification exams for the candidates to the diploma of « FMH Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology ».
   The Society also promotes a specialisation training programme for non-medical university graduates (e.g. pharmacists or biologists). Training completion is acknowledged by the Society through the diploma of « Clinical Pharmacologist SKPT ». The official programme and requirements to earn this degree can be found on this Website.
   The Society may provide some financial support for the formation of a member or a doctoral student working with a member (please contact the Committee for further information).

Continuous education

    The Society organises a yearly meeting including a teaching session, and promotes the organisation of various Conferences and Workshops in the discipline of clinical pharmacology and toxicology. This Website maintains a list of such training opportunities, mentioning the credits acknowledged for continuous education. The persons organising training event and willing to apply for acknowledgement by the Society are requested to contact the Committee and to submit the corresponding advertisement as early as possible, to have it published on this site.
   The Society has adopted Statutory Prescriptions about Continuous Education on March 9, 2000. Each member is personally responsible to document his own continuous education program, i.e. to establish a list of attended conferences and workshops. The members are then requested to send their list to the Secretary of the Society, who will certify, if applicable, the fulfillment of their duty of continuous education for the elapsed year. A form (pdf or xls) is available on this site under "Executive Committee/Members only Documents/Logbook".


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